A Tipi village offers a new direction for existing campsites or landowners to boost finances and to make great use of unproductive areas of land.

They also present great value for money as they are a quality crafted, long lasting product.

A tipi village makes an exciting and intriguing campsite, or as an addition to an existing campsite. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the experience of living and sleeping in our beautifully crafted, colourful tipis and they certainly create a marvellous and spectacular sight!

You can have your tipis hand painted, and we are the only company in the UK to offer over 30 designs to choose from. Not only that, but ANY custom design can be produced by our professional artists.

‘Glamping’ means that people no longer have to ‘rough it’ when camping, and this the attraction! People can experience all the joys of spending time and sleeping in the great outdoors and yet still have that touch of luxury, warmth and a proper bed to sleep in. Glamping is fast becoming a popular way for families to take a break, and a tipi village appeals to more types of people than traditional style campsites. People want a great experience when on holiday, and nothing feels more magic or sparks the imagination like a night spent in a tipi. You can be sure that families will return to your campsite again and again to have that special time together and create more marvellous memories!

" ...We have just completed our Tipi Village in record time due to the incredible speed and service received at Majestic Canvas Studio. Marcin worked hard to ensure we had our tipi's on time.

The craftsmanship and quality of the tipi's is second to none and we are delighted to have worked with Marcin, who helped from start to finish to ensure the Tipi's were a success. Looking forward to having our second village open next summer and will definitely be working with Marcin..."





Colm Fanning

Project Co-ordinator

Growing the Forest Colin Glen Trust


Majestic Canvas Studio

Majestic Canvas Studio